Residential Snow Removal Package for $30 ($120 value) Includes driveway & sidewalk in front of and leading up to house

Residential Snow Removal Package for $30 ($120 value) Includes driveway & sidewalk in front of and leading up to house

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Value $120
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Aaah, snow. Great if you’re a skier. Or snowboarder. Wonderful for the family sledding days. And what kid doesn’t hope and pray for a snow day? Walking in a winter wonderland is great. Beautiful white flakes fall from the sky. Not one of them is completely alike. It’s always amazing to see the first flakes of the season fall to the ground. After that first that initial love affair with the white, glittery stuff, we’re stuck wondering how to get it cleaned up so you can get in and out of the driveway. Or so your mailman can get to your mailbox.

Snow removal is a necessary evil that comes with living in Central Illinois. Cleaning up mounds of snow can cause more pain than just a headache. While this seasonal activity may seem mundane, it can also be dangerous. In 2007, more than 118,000 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms, doctors' offices, clinics and other medical settings for injuries that happened while shoveling or removing ice and snow manually. And 16,000 of those were injured using snow blowers.

Types of injuries can include sprains and strains, particularly in the back and shoulders, as well as lacerations and finger amputations.

So this winter save your time, energy and possibly health by skipping the backbreaking work of clearing snow. Let So Clean Auto do the heavy lifting for you. Yes, So Clean Auto is more than the premier Auto detailer in Central Illinois. They also offer top-quality, dependable residential snow removal.

The So Clean Auto snow removal package takes care of the driveway, sidewalk in front of and leading up to the home. As city law requires homeowners to clear their sidewalks, So Clean Auto can help you remain a law abiding citizen, compliant with snow removal regulations.

This removal package also makes a great gift for single mother, elderly neighbor or family member, or those that are too busy to do it themselves. Give the gift of safety, time and comfort when you buy this Today’s Deal from So Clean Auto.

Expiration Date: 1 year(s) after purchase
Good for a residential snow removal package (driveway & sidewalk in front of and leading up to house). One-time use. No cash back or credit for unused portion. No cash value. Not valid with any other promotion. Gratuity not included. No refunds. All sales are final.

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Even though we’ve been enjoying some great fall weather lately, winter is just around the corner. The cold temperatures are great for ice skating, sledding, and sipping some hot cocoa by the fire, but they make keeping your car clean nearly impossible. The last thing you want is to spend the afternoon trying to wash all that salt off of the car.

It’s great to ride around town or go on that road trip in a sparkling clean car. It’s even greater if you can get someone ELSE to clean it. So unless you have teenage kids that you can coerce into doing that dirty work (pun intended), why not give the professionals at So Clean Auto Detailing the honor of pimping your ride, so to speak.

Your car has many enemies, and salt is one of the most formidable. It gets everywhere, promotes rust, ruins the clear coat, and in case no one told you, looks terrible. The reality is that people often value material things based on the way they look. According to the folks at Kelley Blue Book, aesthetics is one of the top considerations when a person buys a car. And since more people are testing the pre-owned or used market these days, it is important to keep your car looking its best so it's worth more when you are ready to upgrade to a new car. A vehicle that has a pitted or stained finish or splotches of rust is a turnoff, and thus is worth less than a car that looks pristine, regardless of how you maintained the vehicle mechanically — sad, but true.

Purchasing this Today’s Deal will help you maintain the value of your vehicle with little to no effort on your part. You can drop off your car or the professionals at So Clean will pick it up at your home or office. How easy is that? Your car will be pampered both INSIDE and OUT. Inside cleaning includes vacuum, shampoo carpets, leather and vinyl treatment, crevice, trim and window cleaning. The outside includes top-of-the-line 3-stage buff and wax. What is a 3-stage buff you may ask? Let me wax poetic on its many features. This procedure includes:

• Wash vehicle
• Prep Paint (remove tar, bugs, salt, etc.)
• Machine buff vehicle with heavy cut compound
• Strip compound
• Machine polish vehicle with medium stage compound
• Strip medium stage compound
• Machine polish vehicle with finish compound
• Strip compound
• Apply heavy-duty paste wax entire vehicle including roof.
• Strip wax with random orbital polisher
• Dress tires
• Clean outside windows

What’s the only thing better than a clean car? Getting it at half price. Give the friendly folks at So Clean Auto Detailing a call and you could be driving around in a clean car tomorrow.

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