Get a Full Vacuum Cleaner Tune Up at Nybakke Vacuum Shop for only $35 ($79.99 value)

Get a Full Vacuum Cleaner Tune Up at Nybakke Vacuum Shop for only $35 ($79.99 value)

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Is your vacuum dirty and spreading germs? Sanitize and disinfect your vacuum by getting a Full Tune Up at Nybakke Vacuum Shop, regularly $79.99 now for only $35!

The Full Tune Up includes but is not limited to high pressure air clean all electrical components including motor, completely disassembling the vacuum and washing outer bags and disinfecting all plastic parts, cleaning and lubricating all moveable parts, complete internal and external inspection of vacuum cleaner. Repair parts and filters are not included.

Home sweet home. It's where our heart is, and where we spend most of our time. Naturally, we want it to be free from unhealthy influences. As we look increasingly to our homes as havens from a stressful world, the issue of indoor air quality has never been more critical. Is your vacuum cleaner adding dust, germs and allergens to your indoor air or causing a “sick” home?
Is it possible to cure a "sick" home?

Medical experts say that keeping a clean home can make a significant difference. Thorough and regular servicing and sanitizing of your vacuum is an important part of that regimen. As dirt, dust and lint pass through your vacuum cleaner, a buildup in the bearing housings and bearings will slow down the brush roll causing excessive wear on your vacuum motor and belt. Accumulated dirt and dust in the motor bearings will slow down the motor along with a sluggish brush roll. The result is an overheated motor which can drastically shorten the life of a vacuum motor or even require total replacement of the entire vacuum.

Once your vacuum is sanitized and disinfected with a Full Tune Up, then vacuuming at least twice per week can be one of the most important ways of curing your “sick” home according to such credible authorities as the American Lung Association, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.These vacuuming tips can contribute to the thorough cleaning that makes a Healthier home:
• Vacuum carpet and rugs at least once a week.
• Vacuum twice a week in bedrooms and high-traffic areas.
• Vacuum upholstered furniture, drapes and mattresses on a regular basis

Expiration Date: 1 year(s) after purchase
Good for a full vacuum cleaner tune up. No cash back or credit for unused portion. No cash value. Not valid with any other promotion. No refunds. All sales are final.

About Nybakke Vacuum Shop

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Nybakke Vacuum Shop is THE place to go for vacuums. And not just any vacuums. Nybakke Vacuum Shop is proud to support high quality products and a lot of which are Made in USA. They have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right vacuum for your home, and their quality long-lasting vacuums start as low as under $200.

Nybakke carries products by Riccar that are made in St James, Mo. They feature new technology to make vacuums more powerful and higher in quality than any other in the industry. Yet the surprising thing to most consumers, is that Nybakke carries an American-made Riccar upright vacuum cleaner for not much more than discount store vacuums.

In addition, The Riccar Dry Carpet Cleaner is a fantastic way to clean your carpets. If you've been unimpressed with other carpet and spot cleaners you've tried, you're not alone. The trouble with most of these cleaners is that they do a better job of diluting and spreading stains than removing them. Riccar works differently because it is different. It easily removes the toughest ground in dirt, stains and odors. The Riccar Dry Carpet Cleaner comes with a pre-mist spot booster. It has emulsifiers and cleaning agents to start the process. Spots stick to the carpet fibers and the PreCleaner opens up the carpet fibers to allow the soft powder to get deep down to absorb and captures the spot.

Studies show that 80 percent of the foot traffic in your home or office is confined to a 20 percent area of floor space. With the Riccar Dry Cleaner, you can clean those high traffic areas without cleaning wall to wall. The more often a carpet is cleaned with the Riccar dry powder, the longer it will maintain its original appearance. It is an excellent idea to clean high traffic areas and areas of heavy soiling regularly.

There is no waiting for hours and hours for your carpets to dry which makes for a much healthier living environment and is great for those with asthma and allergies. This product has been proven in testing to reduce the levels of allergens, mold, mildew, pollen, pet dander and even the tough to remove cat allergens from carpet.

This deal is normally a $60 value. You must call ahead and make a reservation for the machine.

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