Get 4 Deluxe Touchless Automatic Car Washes for $11.75! ($24 value)

Get 4 Deluxe Touchless Automatic Car Washes for $11.75! ($24 value)

Brite 'N' Shine Carwash (OLD-DO NOT USE)
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On August 12, 1908, the very first Model T rolled off the production line. On August 13, 1908, that very same car needed to be washed. While today we no longer have to traverse muddy, unpaved roads, cars today get dirty just like the Model T. Perhaps even a little dirtier considering the tar and salt and other materials on our roadways.

We have progressed from hand washing to automatic brush equipment; from brushes to cloth, to a new state-of-the art Touchless Laser Wash System. And no, you don’t have to be George Jetson to take advantage of this amazing, completely robotic cleaning system. You just have to visit Brite 'N' Shine which is conveniently located next to Meijer. Brite 'N' Shine has lots of self serve stalls, so you seldom have to wait. And it is open 24 hours a day, and during most hours you will find an attendant on site. Brite 'N' Shine is also VERY economical with their pricing. Their touchless car washes range in price from $5-$7.50!

The Brite 'N' Shine Laser Wash System include an undercarriage cleaning, double pass foam wash, a spot free rinse and a clear coat finish. Brite 'N' Shine has perfected this method of cleaning your car without a single brush or cloth pad touching its paint! Soft, warm, soapy water applied under controlled pressure through a series of computerized robotic arches have forever altered the course of car washing.

This revolutionary new method of cleaning flushes salt and grime from behind bumpers, moldings, rocker panels and grille areas. These areas can not be reached by hand or conventional car wash equipment. You simply must see your car's new glow as it emerges from the final clear water rinse to fully appreciate the Brite 'N' Shine Laser Wash System.

It's been proven that weekly washing is the single most important factor in prolonging the appearance, as well as the resale value, of a car. Dirt traps moisture against the paint, and will promote rust. Cleaning a car's finish weekly in an environment such as ours will eliminate the corrosive action dirt, salt and pollution can create.

Did you know that that hand washing actually damages your car's finish? Dirt and sand become embedded in your brush, sponges, and cloths. A single hand wash produces scratches 1/10 as deep as the paint's thickness-far too many scratches to count. This repeated abrasive scouring destroys the paint's ability to achieve or maintain a gloss, or to provide protection against rust and corrosion.

Besides being better for your car, using Brite 'N' Shine is better for the environment as it uses less water than a home car wash and the soap and detergent is collected and treated and not running off into the ground water.

Take advantage of this Today’s Deal and you’ll be driving in a clean car tomorrow.

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