Get 12 Sessions of Vibration Training for $29 ($60 value)

Get 12 Sessions of Vibration Training for $29 ($60 value)

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With a name like HyperVibe it’s gotta be ….healthy??? HyberVibe is a Whole Body Vibration system developed by the Russian space program to keep their cosmonauts in top physical condition. Apparently a zero gravity environment causes muscles and bone to deteriorate and whole body vibration technology exerts forces many times that of gravity and thus helps rehabilitate muscle and build bone density.

Soon the medical field began to pick up on the benefits of whole body vibration and researchers explored other uses including shorter recovery time for joint and muscle injuries and documented increase in strength, balance, speed, endurance and swifter recovery from fatigue.

Whole Body Vibration is perfectly suited to modern lifestyles where no one has enough time and many people are not physically capable of performing traditional kinds of exercise like jogging and lifting weights because their bodies are too worn out and painful. HyperVibe allows you to start gently and progressively increase the stimulation using postures that don't strain or harm your joints.

During intense exercise, the stimulus to your muscles, nerves and bones makes your body want to become stronger. By stimulating reflexes and increasing the gravitational load on your body, Whole Body Vibration training is a way of amplifying that stimulus without increasing your own conscious effort. Unlike regular exercise, the Whole Body Vibration machine provides most of the movement for you so there's no need to be jumping around or having to master difficult poses and procedures. It's fun and feels great!

Imagine performing 10,000 muscle contractions in only 10-minutes. HyerVibe is unique in that it can provide a training stimulus ranging from a gentle 1G of gravitational load right up to an intense 17G or 17 times Earth's gravity. Ten minutes is enough time to quickly warm-up your whole body, exercise the areas you want to improve, and then cool down.

Working out with HyperVibe 3 times a week in 10-minute sessions is all the time you need to achieve maximum results. It’s safer, simpler and more efficient than lifting weights. The performance platform induces muscle contractions up to 27 times per second, which is why a full workout can be achieved in a very short period of time and also why you should not exceed the recommended workout durations.

Besides an invigorating workout, HyperVibe is also great for numerous therapeutic uses. At low speeds, the gentle rocking action of the platform improves your balance, and is greet for the elderly and/or injury rehabilitation. For massage and increased circulation, just dial up the speed a bit.

Whether your goal is rehab, fitness, weight loss, increased flexibility, cellulite reduction, increased bone strength and density or to slow or repair the aging process, Get Your Vibe at Natural Pathways.

Valid 6/17/11-9/17/11. Good for 12 sessions of vibration training. If you purchase 2 certificates, the second certificate must be used by another person. No cash back or credit for unused portion. No cash value. Not valid with any other promotion. Tax and gratuity not included. No refunds. All sales are final.

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Natural Pathways offers a diverse and unique alternative health experience with Reiki and Reiki inspired events and focus. Natural Pathways is located in the picturesque park setting of historic Normandy Village promoting a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Reiki is a hands on energy technique where the energy moves through the practitioners hands to your clothed body and activates your body’s own natural ability to heal. Reiki is restorative beyond what we may understand, for Reiki comes from an ancient healing tradition.


The best way to know how Reiki works is to experience it. Regardless of your first impression, Reiki always acts upon the recipient's highest good, even when its effects are not immediately felt. For some people the healing shifts occur over time, while for others the changes are “immediate” and lasting.

Whether your goal is rehab, fitness, weight loss, stress relief, natural healing or to slow or repair the aging process, you'll find it all at Natural Pathways.

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