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$25.00 Gift Card for $12.00

Dry Clean City
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You heard of Motor City, home of Ford, GM and Eminem. You’ve heard Paris called the City of Lights, famous for being the most lit city in the world (or the best city to get lit in). And, of course, there are the Twin Cities, named after the Doublemint Twins. In these aforementioned Twin Cities lays another city. A shining city. A city so bright, so fresh, so, well, clean, it could only be called DRY CLEAN CITY.

And what, pray tell, is the biggest tourist attraction in Dry Clean City? It is the Techno-Dry cleaning system. Hmmm, you say, tell me more. And so sit, children, while I tell you a tale of the wonders of Techno-Dry.

Imagine being spirited into the year 2020. And you are one of Kate Gosselin’s brood. It’s Saturday night, which means bath night. There is one bathtub and you are # 8 in line. After Cara, after Mady, after Alexis, after Hannah, after Joel, after Leah, after Collin comes you. And they don’t change the water between each bath. So basically, you’re bathing in the dirt of 7 other kids. Sort of gross, huh? Well, welcome to the world of regular dry cleaners.

Normal dry cleaners put your clothes in a solvent. All the dirt and grease and blood on your clothes are caught in a filter. Load after load in the machine. With all the dirt being caught in the filter being redistributed on the next load of clothes. Or on your own clothes. In dry cleaning lingo, it’s called re-disposition. And it’s not pretty.

But Dry Clean City isn’t a normal dry cleaner because they use the advanced Techno-Dry cleaning system. In a nutshell, this system cleans every garment with pure distilled solvent every cycle. Every garment is immersed in pure distilled fluid. The solvent is immaculate, crystal clean and pure as it enters the drying cleaning wheel each and every cycle.

Unlike other cleaners, Dry Clean City does not use the same soap over and over again to clean hundreds of garments. And the clothes also enter a vapor absorption phase to make sure you will have a completely odor free garment.

Using Dry Clean City is like being the first kid in the bath line on Saturday night. And it’s good to be number one.

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